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Search engine optimization (SEO) plays extremely important role in ranking of any website and generating traffic. Website ranking refers to the visibility of a website in search engine inquiry. Higher website rankings are associated with better SEO. Basically, a website developer plays a vital role by utilizing SEO tools and techniques while developing a website.

Proper SEO of a website ensures that it has the elements of usability, content and design. SEO strategies and practices attract potential customers by increasing visibility of website in search engines. Not only your website achieves highest rankings but these rankings are also maintained through complete support process.

If website content is not focused or lack interest, you will miss a chance to make a lasting impact on your visitor who will eventually turn to another site that caters his interest. Therefore, along with search engine optimization, optimized quality content is also mandatory to generate better traffic and drive results for your website. Some online ranking websites such as Alexa helps you to find out ranking of your website. In the light of this ranking, you may decide whether your website needs SEO or not.

Picrash Technologies meets your SEO needs and build a strong search engine presence for your business. Just creating a powerful website is not enough. You need to invest in proper marketing of your website and the best way to do it is through search engines. Search visibility has a massive impact on your business growth as it enables your customers to locate your business online. Our experienced and dedicated team design customized result oriented SEO strategies to maintain long-term sustainability of your website. Our internet marketing efforts comprises of unique strategies and tools that give your business a competitive edge in this increasingly digital world.

Content Writing

Content writing is stands as the most powerful factor for SEO. Quality content perfectly aligns with website theme and conveys your message appropriately. Eye catching words elaborating features of products and services helps in developing visitor’s interest in the website and maintain interaction.

A website’s content is written keeping in view significant keywords from the SEO perspective. As a matter of fact, an outstanding content piece incorporating important keywords, produced by an experienced content writer, will make huge contribution to achieve desired results.

One should be cautious that poor content can adversely affect popularity of a website. When visitors don’t find what they are looking for on your site, they immediately jump to another site. When visitors find a website’s content meaningful, they spend more time on that website and keep coming back frequently. In a nutshell, low-quality content leads to low ranking of any website. If one desires his website to be in the top results of search engines, he could leverage high-quality and unique content to win half the battle.

Most importantly, professionally developed content writing that is beneficial and creative communicates to readers more than just the elements of website. This leads to increased traffic and ultimately enhance your website visibility in major search engines. When people find the information they are looking for, they keep hitting on your website again and again. Thus your website starts to climb the rankings and outshine your competitors.

At Picrash Technologies, we focus on developing content that instantly captures attention and distinguish your website from the rest. Our excellent content writers deliver fresh content that holds reader’s concentration and persuade him to browse through your website. We understand this basic need of business to stay ahead the game. Therefore, we develop content that is readable and optimized representing your business effectively. We guarantee to win the hearts and minds of your visitors with compelling content that is more than just words!

Business Listing

Business listing is another important tool delivering proven results for website promotion and marketing. It has become an important component for SEO strategies because it directly impacts a website’s popularity and noteworthiness. It is considered one of the fastest ways to promote website and driving meaningful outcomes all over the world. Your business gets visible to a larger scale in a very short span of time.

Many businesses give priority to advertise through multiple free listing websites. These website prove to be beneficial in to expand the business through the website. Moreover, there are web directories that helps in search process as a business directory affecting visibility.

Today’s digital world has an entirely different concept of marketing. The competition to keep up with the speed is getting tougher. There is no reason to stay back and not compete digitally. The use of latest tools and strategies has now become mandatory in order to reap maximum results.

As business are getting globally challenged, it is fundamental to strive for global exposure and reap the benefits. Once your website is added in the online business directories, it becomes a part of global online community ensuring your strong online presence. As a result, anyone from any part of the world can easily get access to your website.

Our SEO socialist design effective SEO strategies for your website incorporating every important tool. They focus on each and every aspect that may yield substantial results for your website. Our smart techniques and tactics lead things in absolutely correct directions. Tailored to every business needs, we carry out SEO campaigns that promise to drive up your website in the results of top search engines.

Link Building

Link building or reciprocal link is the process of linking one website to another. In doing so, one website promoting or up voting another website helps in developing customer’s confidence. Thus your website automatically appears relatively better than many similar web pages. As strong endorsement can deliver far better results.

This SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique utilize inbound channels to promote online traffic towards your website. Websites with similar products and services can actually serve as better link partners. Such relevancy plays significant role in winning popularity contest. Most importantly, it makes sure that you are getting purposeful visits that can definitely turn into business.

Relevant links signal Google that your website is admissible. Link building can give a healthy boost to your website’s prominence paying off return on your investment in the best possible way. But things are not that simple. To carry out efficient and fruitful link building process, it is essential to define an explicit strategy that focuses on attracting quality links.

At Picrash Technologies, we utilize best resources to build relevant links to your website. Our SEO experts never compromise on integrity of their strategies. Their picky approach guarantees that your website gets useful inbound links. Proper research and analysis is carried out to ensure sustainable results. We are committed to make the best possible impact on your online presence.


Blogging stands as the most important traffic generating tactic. Blogs can play a vital role in increasing your customer base by targeting a large number of readership. Many techniques are involved in creation and promotion of your blog. An interesting blog can help attract a large range of visitors. High quality content is the most essential component. A successful blog needs to be constantly updated with interesting and fresh information to maintain the viewership. Successful blogs boost web traffic remarkably and ultimately results in excellent lead generation to your website ensuring long run results. Interactive blogs can generate sales leads instantly. Basically, blogs significantly results in website conversion at high rate.

Our expert team pays great attention on blog customization to maintain its freshness. A well-designed blog can make wonders for your business in no time. Our finest services help to boost your blog rank in top search engines. We carry out successful back-end operation for search engine friendly blog, blog ads integration, social ads integration and blog design. Our efforts are always targeted to deliver exceptional results.

Whether you own a brand new blog or somehow old, we have customized strategies to promote it. Our blog marketing and promotion support incorporate most effective ways to grow your online visibility. Our reliable team identifies your target market and focus on developing your market position. We take SEO for your blogs to a whole new level. The process employs a lot of tools and widgets to uplift your online reputation and deliver much-needed exposure in no time.

At Picrash Technologies, we utilize best resources to build relevant links to your website. Our SEO experts never compromise on integrity of their strategies. Their picky approach guarantees that your website gets useful inbound links. Proper research and analysis is carried out to ensure sustainable results. We are committed to make the best possible impact on your online presence.